Clubs Which Accept the TR7

Fancy meeting other TR7 or Triumph fans face-to-face? Most clubs hold regular meetings so now you can... though if you join the TR Drivers Club but live in Columbia* be prepared to travel for this face-to-face!
*=we have at least one regular visit from Columbia!

If you'd like your site on the list please contact us

Club Triumph - UK (England) Formed in 1961 this club caters for all Triumph flavours. Organises the 10 country reliability run
Club Triumph Holland - Netherlands A Dutch based club - available in English and Dutch versions
Miami Valley Triumphs - United States Miami based Triumph Club - good information online (check out the FASD article)
TR Drivers Club - UK (England) A Club for all TR Enthusiasts - with a bit of a leaning towards the Wedge
TR Register - UK (England) Long standing TR Club
TR7/8 Worldwide Owners Club - UK (England) A TR7-8 Internet club
Triumph Owners Club (NI) - Ireland All flavours of Triumph welcome at the Northern Ireland club.
Triumph Owners Tasmania - Australia A club for all Triumph's a wealth of information that keep you hooked.
Triumph Sports Six Club - UK (England) The largest Triumph club in the world
Tyee Triumph Club (Washington, USA) - United States Established in 1964 by TR2, 3 and 4 owners the club is still going strong and caters for all Triumph Marques.