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The Triumph TR7  
  What is the Triumph TR7? A brief history of the Triumph TR7; a British car of controversial design that rolled of the production line during some of the darkest days of British Automotive history. The focus was on the American markets and despite it's chequered life the car was Triumph's biggest seller.
  TR7 Buying Guide If you're looking to buy a TR7 or TR8 read on for a few pointers on what to look for.
  Paint Codes Whether it's Inca Yellow or Java green find the colour to match your code.
  Datasheet TR7 performance stats, brake information blah blah
  Frequently Asked Questions Lots of common questions with some of the answers
Future Events  
  Leicester/Northants All Triumph's welcome - read the June 06 update
  Check the Forum Post the events you know about or check to see what else is going on.
Features And Articles  
  We compare two vastly different 2.0l TR7's - one 'late' Automatic DHC against an 'early' 5spd FHC.
  "Del" Lines Grinnall weren't the only modifiers - read about the Atlantic Garage and let me know if you have one of "Del's" cars.
  1975 Launch A look back to what the press said about the TR7 during the vehicles launch year of 1975.
  The Beast For those who like to carry out extreme modifications!
  TR7 vs X/19 A comparisson review - using reviews from the 70's and early 80's - of the two classic two-seater sports cars.
  Rally Win For Grainger David Grainger show that Ecklund, Buffom and Pond weren't exclusive Wedge winners.
  TR7 Turbo - Le Mans In the early 80's a Triumph 1R7v8 Turbo clocked over 200mph at LeMans! Who developed this TR7 and how did the project fair?
  Unleaded Petrol If you are thinking about going for a conversion, or want to know if you need to do anything, have a read
  Uprating Your Brakes Why should you? Maybe because other cars stop quicker these days.
  How To Fold the Roof! A pictorial 'How To' on folding the roof of your Triumph TR7 DHC
  Fitting Carpets Some tips if you are refurbishing your TR7/8
  LCD Dash Jay Foster hooks an LCD dash upto his v6 engine
  Restoration TRisha TR underwent her second restoration in 2003 - read the gory details.
TR Tales  
  TRisha's Tale Under the same ownership since June 1990, this 1976 Speke built FHC has a few stories behind her.
  18 Years On Having got frustrated with the Triumph TR7 in the 80's someone thought he'd take another look at them in the new millenium.
  19 Years On One year on and it was time to part once more.
  The 23 Year Wait After much waiting an enthusiast finally gets his girl!
  Taking a TR to Greece Drive to a Greek Island in a TR7? Madness surely? Part 1 of Johns' story starts here.
  The first 10 CR Raider and Club Triumph embark on the first ever 10 Countries Run... 10 in a weekend?!.
  The TR7 on DVD Out now - Code Name: Bullet the story of the Triumph TR7 and TR8
  Triumph TR7 DHC for sale TRickett TR is for sale - sad but true... come on you know you want it.
  In The Press What have the media printed about the Triumph TR7 lately?
  Area Meeting If you are in the Leicestershire/Northants area come along to Harrington on the 1st Tuesday of the month.
Shows & Events  
  TR Drivers Club 2002 The National W/end for the TR Drivers Club - and someone needed the recovery services.
  TR Drivers Club 2003 Just days before TRisha went 'under the knife' - her last Rusty public showing.
  NEC International 2003 The UKs biggest indoor classic car show.
  Triumph Spares Day 2004 Held at Stoneleigh in Warwickshire this is Autojumble heaven/hell.
  Tyee 2004 Fabulous backdrops to this Washington state event.
  Standard-Triumph 2004 The annual event held at the British Motor Heritage Museum
  TR Drivers 2004 What went on at Billing this year - and did our campaign to persuade more TR7/8s onto the convoy run help?
  TR Register 2004 TRisha has never attended the TR-Register jamboree - this year we popped that particular cherry.
  Bedford Run 08/2004 4 TR7's, a couple of GT6's, a Spitfire and a TR4a enjoy a 40mile run.
  International Triumph Show 2005 TRisha TR and a Coca-Cola liveried car on display at Stoneleigh
  30th Anniversary Relay Tour A Tour of England, over 1300miles in aid of Spinal Research and backed by Pal International Ltd.
  Ashby Folville - Leicestershire The biggest, monthly, 'free' classic car show?
  Photo Albums Plenty of picture of the wedge - Triumph TR7s and TR8s aplenty. Plus there's a whole load of TRisha TR and TRicket TR
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  Enthusiast Dedication and insanity in equal measures.
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