14 July 2003

The Restoration of TRisha TR

Thank you to those who helped

In true Hollywood style we need to thank a few people who have helped restore my Triumph TR7. I am pretty much a mechanical giblet - I know how things work, and if I don't know that at least I know the theory of how things work. But fixing it myself? Well I can stretch to fitting electronic ignition but I did come out in a cold, panic sweat doing that! And oil, filter, brakes etc but we shall rest at that point! I know these have all been paid (errm not the co-pilot... we don't want those sort of discussions thank you!)

So who needs thanks:

Co-Pilot - without her support and understanding (the kitchen has to wait) TRisha would most certainly have been junked. With very few panels being recoverable I'd have been left trying to sell off a lot of very good mechanicals.

CB Motors (Coventry) - Richard has been keeping my cars on the road since I bought my first one (TRisha). June 1990 saw Richard inspect the vehicle for the first time and inform me just how much trouble I had bought into! Since then? Well: Gearboxes, brakes, exhausts, engines, quirky electrics the lot. We've lost count the number of times he's had to watch this Triumph TR7 come in on a breakdown truck.

Sutton Auto Trimmers (Peterborough) - Fantastic job in recovering and refurbishing the seats and also the parcel shelf. Far preferable to buying off the shelf covers, maybe the door card will be on their way to Dougie soon too!

S+S Preparations - The usual prompt service from Rich, Simon & Steve always willing to offer advice too if you've got a problem (car related of course)

Moordale Motors - Will they want to see another TR7 ever again? A bigger job than anticipated. A quality finish.

Ebay - Errr yes, bought various bits from various people! I'm not checking my e-mails to see who though!

Prestige Auto Trim - Suppliers of the carpet and sound deadening.

RS Coachbuilts - For supply and fit of a very distinctive sunroof and headlining.


If anyone need info regarding any of those listed above you can use the contact page to get in touch with me or use email.