Bye, bye tatty TRisha

The Restoration of TRisha TR

Work has started

The second one - 2003

After sitting on my Gran's drive for about 3 years, unmoving and open to the elements (and some of these elements aren't kind to cars - believe me!) it was pretty darn obvious that TRisha TR a Speke built 1976 FHC would need a second restoration at some point in the near future.

Briefly, as there's a more in depth history of the car to read elsewhere, TRisha was moved in Sept 1999 and back on the road in April 2000. Between 2000 and 2003 there were several trips to the garage - some planned some not - for upgrades and repairs... but none for body work.

In 2002 (see left)Door underside in May 2002 the underside of the passenger door looked bad; by 2003 (right) it looked a lot worsePassenger door  in June 2003. But at this point it was running well and was proving reliable, however driving was becoming hazardous! The car had a valid MOT, brakes were sound and so on but with all the rust falling into my eyes I was in real danger of stuffing her into a ditch! Chiefly because with the state of our roads these rust flakes meant I was driving with only one eye open (and that was a squint) for about 40% of the time. And, I figured, the mighty tin worm would all do a runner if they saw a rapidly approaching hawthorn hedge... this would leave me to face the the consequences of a crash protected by my t-shirt and (probably) some very dirty underwear..... you get the gist.

So in April 2003 the search was on for someone to do the restoration work. After much research and a few e-mails a couple of prospects were visited in order to seek quotes. Eventually Triumph Specialists Moordale Motors (of Potters Bar, England) agreed to take the project on. Not only were Moordale competitive in their quote they are Triumph experts and have many years experience of working with the marque - and are approved by the TR Register.

Trisha was taken to Moordale on Monday 14 July - a little over a week after the TR Drivers show. On the way down we stopped to collect a few more panels with the two full length, outer, sills, joining the scuttle alongside me in TRisha. TRisha's co-pilot followed behind with two, good second hand doors - collected on route - a front and rear wing and a couple of other bits.

Just 5 days later - which had seen more bits head down to Moordale - we dropped in to pick the seats up and were able to see the rapid progress being made.